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Fun in the Sand
Full Day Tour
(+/-) 8 Hours

Likely the most informative activity when at the Namibian coast, also known as the Skeleton Coast. . A closer look at the little creatures living in the desert and the opportunity to Sand Board down the Namib Dunes at Sandwich Harbor, where the mighty Atlantic Rollers kiss the towering Namib sand dunes, topped of with an exiting Dune-drive.

The tour aims to reach Sandwich harbor while the route to Sandwich Bay takes us through the Coastal Dunes.

This is where we search for the little life living in the desert.

We search for the curious winding tracks of the Namib Sidewinder Snake (Bitis peringueyi) and also the Namib Horned Viper and follow the tracks till where the snake had find safe coverage in the sandy desert.

The Living Jewel of the Namib Desert, the transparent but still colorful Namib Sand Gecko or Web-footed Gecko (Pachydactylus rangei), which are endemic to the Namib Desert.

Also living in the sand dunes is a variation of spiders, however we do not like to dig these creatures out and destroy there homes, but your guide will point out the delicate trapdoor entrance if he found one and with luck we might be able to trick the spider out its nest.

As the day carries on and the day heats up there are a number of Toktokkies or Fog-basking Beetles (Tenebrionidae family) that venture out to find food on the slopes of the dunes.

Also, more active in the day is the shovel-snouted lizard (Zeros anchietae)which performs a fascinating dance to tolerate the scorching hot sands.

Winding trough the dunes we will come across patches of vegetated gravel plains and among these scattered scrubs we search for the elusive Namaqua chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis) The Namaqua chameleon has evolved several adaptations to cope with desert conditions: they excrete salt from nasal glands to conserve water and use their ability to change color to aid in controlling temperature.

Through out the day there would be amble of time to learn about the vegetation and how the dunes came to be so high and mighty.

There will be time to do some Sand boarding should you dare and due to the nature of the route we will have some exhilarating drives up and down the dunes with stops at viewpoints offering a scene only possible in Namibia. It would be a fine balance between the coastal tide and the desert wind.

To be able to reach Sandwich harbor we have to cross the Kliene Wand, the section of the coast where the dunes towering right out of the ocean and it is only possible to cross this section when the tide is low.

To find the small creatures that live in the Namib Desert, you have to find the faint tell tale marks left in the sand by these little creatures before the wind covers it up. It is for this reason that it is best to take the Day Tour option rather than the Morning Tour or Afternoon Tour option.

The Full Day option allows your guide to plan the day in such a manner to maximize you change to find it all and to experience it all with no time pressure. However if the tide is in our favor there is no reason not to take a Morning or Afternoon tour. So lets have fun in the Sand.
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