"Everything in Africa bites, but the Safari Bug is worst of All" – Brian Jackman
Sun, Sand and Rock Paintings
4 - 6 Days
N$ 2200 (per person per day) Min. 4 pax

An adventures and exciting route between Twyfelfontein and the Skeleton Coast, part of Damaraland. This safari is filled with interesting rock formations, petrified trees, rock paintings, ancient ruins and the opportunity to find the illusive Desert Elephants and endangered Black Rhinoceros.

The desert between the dry riverbeds of the Huab River and the Ugab River in the shadow of Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain hides a lot of natural treasures. This part of the desert is very rugged and unforgiving and it is not advisable to explore without a professional guide. However it is here where you will find unfamiliar sites of petrified trees.

The fierce geological past leaves fascinating rock formations and one of this is the Doros Crater, Doros Complex is a differentiated igneous intrusion rock formation and one of the finest and best viewed examples of a differentiated complex in Southern Africa. We spent some time to decipher some of the mysterious Rock Paintings found in the area.

In the dry riverbed of the Huab River or Ugab River we search for the mighty Desert adapted Elephant. They are elusive and tend to hide themselves among Acacia trees during the day, emerging to drink and feed at night.

For most is the highlight to search and trek the Endangered Black Rhino found here in the desert.

The Desert Elephant and Black Rhino are not the only wild life found here; there are Giraffe, Mountain Zebra, Kudu, Oryx and many more and occasionally the Skeleton Coast Lions makes a turn in the area.

Because there is no official accommodation in this area, Etangola Namib Desert Tours have to setup temporary camps in the area. These camps offer all the comfort expected, scrumptious food, warm and comfortable beds, a shower and secluded toilet. Relax at the campfire, fall asleep while counting the stars and listen to the sounds of the night.

Our camps are in well-selected locations not to disturb the movements of the desert dwelling wildlife. It offers a pictures view of the landscape with unforgettable sunrise and sunsets. Your host and guide will prepare tasty meals on the open campfire that toped of the best restaurants in the country. We share our stories under the starry night sky before you tuck away in your cousy comfortable bed.

Etangola Namib Desert Tours are very sensitive on our footprint on Nature and stick only to existing tracks or would cover off-road tacks where it will not leave a pemenat tack in the desert. The lichens fields and minerals in the age old weathered Namib desert sands are very vanurable to any vehicle tracks, a good example is the rescue attempt of the a ship stranded in 1942 – the “Duneden Star” where several rescue attempts had tried to reached the stranded ship, but still today we can still find the their tacks in the desert.

The itinerary is up to your request, depending on how much time you have available, but as a base line we need to look at the following time frame

Day to reach base camp - a full Day

This day we will be concentrating on the environment, vegetation and landscape.

Once again to find the rare and endangered Black Rhino, we at least need a day to find the tracks and to track it to a safe distance without disturbing this venerable Rhino from his resting place in the scorching desert Day to explore the dry riverbed - Day 3 (or 4)

By now we have seen a lot of the wildlife, Mountain Zebra, Klip Springer, gecko and many more in this arid desert but we need to find the giants of the desert. The day will be dedicated to the areas where you might find these elusive giants of the desert.

Day to get back to the “Edge of Beyond”

Swakopmund lies at the Edge of Beyond, where the Known merges with the Unknown, where the old and familiar civilizations of Europe and the West end, giving way to the Desert, the Bush, the vast empty plains, and the elemental cultures of Africa. - Prof Richard Logan, University of California, (1968), and “Two Beards and a Saint” the best coffee in Swakopmund
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